Monday, January 24, 2011

Detox Day Nine

The good...
This morning, when it was time to head to the gym, the temperature was 1º farenheit...yes, only one, and sunny. For some reason, 1º and sunny doesn't seem to go together. It was beyond cold, though I imagine that without the presence of the sun that it would have been much colder. One degree. According to the songwriter, one is the loneliest number. Seriously, what is the 1º for? Why not just go for a nice round figure like zero? Zero is much cooler, literally and figuratively. Whether it was one or zero, I wasn't ready to brave the cold. I have clothes for 20º, but I don't know if I own any 1º clothing. Nevertheless, I knew that I needed to get my workout in. Thank God for old-faithful...the long ignored, comeback kid elliptical machine in our bedroom. I got my 30 minutes in without having to leave the house. Hallelujah!

The gooder...
Remember, friends, the keyword for the week is planning. So, prior to heading out for a playdate with my friend Yvette, I scoped out the place we would be eating and the calorie content on the foods. Although we had a host of chains around us: Red Lobster, Olive Garden, TGI Friday's, and more, we decided to eat at Saladworks. I had a cup of tomato bisque with a yummy mandarin chicken salad with carrots, cucumber, and walnuts. It was colorful, delicious, and nutritious. Not only did I hang out with a friend eating good detox foods that didn't break the calorie bank, but I also was fully satisfied. It is amazing how filling food is when you take the time to savor every bite.

The goodest...
Today I did something I'd never done before. After our soup and salads, Yvette and I ran some errands before going to the movies to see Black Swan. When the clerk swiped my Regal Card, a coupon popped out of the machine for two dollars off some raisinets, goobers, or some other chocolate fare that neither of us had need of. Instead of falling for the okie-doke (remember that FREE cookie at Panera last week), I gave the coupon the the clerk for another patron to use and Yvette and I settled on one small popcorn, sans butter,to share. Instead of my usual munching on a medium or large popcorn until my jaws hurt or it gets too cold to enjoy, I ate half of a small bag of popcorn. And guess what? Yep, I was satisfied.

Can it get any better...
A few things to note...the waist on my favorite pair of jeans is not as tight as it was on Christmas day...I am not winded going up and down the stairs in my time on the elliptical, while not a piece of cake, was certainly more pleasant than it was last week...even as I type, I am whipping up a spaghetti sauce for dinner tonight and lunch for the days to come. Satisfaction, indeed!

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  1. i am happy that things are much smoother for you, i knew that it would be, as i said you can do anything through christ