Wednesday, December 8, 2010


insanity |inˈsanitē|noun
extreme foolishness or irrationality : it might be pure insanity to take this loan | the insanities of our time.

ORIGIN late 16th cent. : from Latin insanitas, from insanus (see insane ).

I am in sunny, beautiful, and (extremely) cold Orlando with hubby. We are staying at a beautiful property not far from Downtown Disney. The weather here has been unseasonably cold. But the pool, despite the cold weather, is a sight to behold. Look at it...

It has been calling my name all week. Up until this morning I had been ignoring its call. Seriously, it is virtually freezing out!

But today I could resist no longer. It was insane, but I put on my bathing suit and made my way down to the pool. Without a doubt, it was pure foolishness. I must tell you that I had layers upon layers on top of my bathing suit: long sleeved tee, long pants, sweatshirt, shawl. When I waled outside the pool staff (all bundled up in jackets and hovering around one another) looked at me with disbelief. One guy noticed my handy-dandy googles in my hand. It was clear to him that I was serious about getting my swim on. So he assured me that while it was only about 50º in the atmosphere, it was a toasty 77º in the pool.

As I lapped around the pool all I kept saying (aloud and to myself) was, "This is INSANE!" Despite the insanity, I kept swimming. And surprisingly it felt good. The water was not warm, but bearable. More than that, it felt good to do something INSANE. I mean, honestly, I'm so straightlaced and put together. This was the wackiest thing I've done in a looooooong time and I am glad I did it!

For the record, hubby thinks I'm insane...but that's nothing new!