Monday, July 16, 2012

Think on These Things...

Lately fear has been attempting to creep in and keep me in comfortable places where I have no business. Doubt has been whispering sweet nothings in my ears trying to contradict the word of God in my heart. And so, this song has been ministering to my spirit lately. Most recently during worship at Bethesda after the choir finished their 2nd reprise of the song, the preacher of the hour said, "Stop trying to psychoanalyze everything and just say, "Yes Lord."

I, simultaneously, hate it and love it when a preacher gets all in my business.

All up in my business...I hate it because, well, conviction hurts. Instead of being fully present in the moment, like Jesus said in Matthew 6: 25-34, I have been regretfully hitting rewind and anxiously hitting fast forward. Instead of acknowledging the Lord and letting my path be directed, wisdom found in Proverbs 3:6, I have been trying to figure things out. Futile, I know.

All up in my business...I love it because there is nothing sweeter than operating in the will of God for your life. I constantly have to remind myself that God has a plan for my life and that ALL things work together for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to HIS purpose (Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 8:28).

I don't know about you, but I know that God has spoken to me. May it be so...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Mommy Diaries: Girl's Day Out

Being a full-time stay at home mother is such a blessing! Admittedly, it also has its challenges. One such challenge, especially since we live far away from family and friends, is the being in the house with a lack of adult company (for me...Baby Girl is perfectly content chillin' with her momma all day). To deal with this challenge I joined the Mocha Moms and La Leche League. I also try to have an outing most days of the week. We go for walks, to Target, the grocery store, etc. We have visited family and friends (as long as no one in the house is sick, must protect Baby Girl's immune system). Well, a few weeks ago I discovered another excursion for Mama and Baby: Bring Your Baby Matinees. The Bring Your Baby Matinees are sponsored by The Bump and AMC Theaters.

Bring Your Baby Matinees is held at select AMC Theaters on the first Tuesday of every month. It is an opportunity for parents to get out with their babies to watch newly released movies. Thankfully, we have an AMC Theater in New Brunswick, about 15 minutes from our home. So yesterday I got us dressed (in matching denim dresses, see below), fed Baby Girl, and headed out to the theater to see Rock of Ages. I didn't know what to expect, so I only brought her carseat. (Next time I'll bring her stroller; We were in the theater furthest from the door, which made for a long walk to and from the entrance/bathroom.) We arrived at the theater, picked up my ticket, got some snacks, and took the long walk to Theater 7.  When I walked in I saw a row of strollers parked in the front of the theater. I looked up and there were parents, mostly moms, sitting with car seats next to them, ready and eager to see the movie. (Some ladies were wearing their babies in slings, which I may try next time.) Baby Girl and I walked across the theater (nobody minds this, even during the movie). We sat at the end of a row, as did most moms, just in case we needed to make a beeline out of the theater. (I was most impressed by a mom who came with twins. She had one baby on the right, she was in the middle, and another on the left.) When we sat down, a baby on the right side let out a scream that was followed by a chorus of cries. And guess what? I didn't care. Nobody cared. We were so excited to be out of the house and at the movies that even the sound of crying babies was welcome. Now, Baby Girl didn't join the chorus, but she was intrigued by her new surroundings. And my, when the movie started, she was captivated by the big screen, flashing colors, and music. I may not have enjoyed the film, but she sure did! When she wasn't focused on the movie, she was either nursing or sleeping; The Bring Your Babies Matinees encourages breastfeeding mommies to feed their babies while enjoying the movie. At one point she got a little fussy. Like most of the parents in the theater, when that happened I stood up in the aisle and rocked her until she was calm again. In fact, most of the babies were quiet and, when they weren't, parents were proactive about keeping babies happy. I don't think anyone left the theater because baby was crying without consolation. This theater was no noisier than one where people talk to their neighbors, sneak and answer their cell phones during the show, and/or talk to the movie. All in all, we had an amazing day out! I am looking forward to our August date!

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