Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Breaking News:Sporadic Writing Explained

Happy New Year to all!
(hey mom...I know you've been waiting)

First, let me explain, as best I can, my sporadic writing. Here is the back story: Some time ago I was in the presence of a fairly new bride (less than a year in the game) who had just had an argument with her husband. Her husband was no where around, but she was speaking with several others about the beef that they had. I remained silent, but in that moment I remember thinking, "Why isn't she talking with her man about this?" I vowed that once I was married, that the exchanges between my husband and I, for better or for worse, would remain between us. Let's say hubby and I have an argument about (fill in the blank) and we both get angry. Once my anger has faded and I have forgiven him for (fill in the blank), I would hate for my family/friends/blog readers/random lady at grocery store to look at him sideways. It is my responsibility to protect his credibility, and him mine. In fact, after he caught up on my blog yesterday we had this very conversation. We even chuckled about something I would NOT write on the blog.

I'm not saying it is going to be like this forever, but as a new bride who's vocation requires a good measure of confidentiality, I'm not quite sure what to write about. I could write about my new neighborhood, but there isn't much happening here. I could write about my new (beautiful) chocolate brown and seafoam curtains, but that's about all I could say about them. I could write about my "wedding fifteen" that I gained, but since I'm down three and this weight will soon be history, there's no story here. Oh, oh, oh, I know...I'll write about my new iPad!

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