Sunday, January 23, 2011

Detox Day Eight

The good...
Since the seventh day is Sabbath, or a day of rest, it is inferred that the eighth day (or the first day, depending on how you look at it) is a work day...when it all begins, or starts over. Well, this was the first day of my second, and final, week of detoxing and it was indeed a fresh start. The word for today and the rest of this detox is planning!

The gooder...
With God on my side, and a plan in place, I know my efforts are bound to go well. I may have loved like a fifth grader, but Rev. O had her polka-dot lunch box packed with oatmeal and an orange for breakfast. Instead of the usual church breakfast of eggs, sausage, and a biscuit, I enjoyed my maple and brown sugar Quaker oats. I saved my orange and had some pineapple as my fruit. I thought I was going to be hungry, but to my surprise, I was indeed blessed...which can be translated in the Greek (makarioi) to mean fully satisfied.

The goodest...
After leaving church, as we made our way to my alma mater, RCDS, for a concert, I whipped out my Ziploc bag with one serving of cashews. It wasn't much, but with my banana, it was all I needed. Ziploc bags are a detoxer's best friend.

Can it get any better...
For the absolute best moment of the day, I have to rewind to the moment just before breakfast. I was on my way up to the church kitchen--you know, the place where the sausage and biscuits are made--and I was stopped by one of our deacons, Helena, who saw my oatmeal and said, "What is this, day seven?" She had been following my blog, via Facebook updates, and in that moment, her support and the accountability that goes with it, reminded me that I could and should, indeed, decline the plate that would be offered to me, get my hot water, and keep it moving. And I did! Shout out to Deacon Helena and all those in the household of faith who look out for their brothers and sisters! Speaking of which, we are kicking off Partnering with the Pastor to Pray Away the Pounds next week. I will keep you posted, but I know I am so glad that God has covered me on all side with like-minded people who are on this journey with me--from hubby, to mom, girlfriends, blog friends, my pastor, and my church family. I cannot wait to see how God moves, delivers, and sets free in this fight against the stronghold of obesity...because it is a stronghold. Wait, I'm about to preach. Let me stop is rest time.

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  1. all i have to say rev is to keep up the good work ,i knew you could and will do it, remember you can do all things through Christ.