Saturday, April 25, 2009

How do I make myself write with more regularity?

I need fiber for my flow/a regular rhythm for my writing. I mean I write daily, but never in the places I deem important. I write entries in my checkbook when I've used my debit card, but they are hardly profound or life changing. I write journals in the morning, letting the mundane and an occasional dream live on paper so I can get on with my day. I write notes in class. Well, really, I type them. Who writes notes anymore? Whatever form they take, they seldom have instant impact. (Though I cannot deny their lasting influence.) I write poems in my head that refresh/revive/challenge me that never make it on to paper or word document. I write/preach sermons in my head, too, mostly before going to sleep or in the shower. Remembering head writing is not a strength of mine, so I have to be content with knowing that it was good word, even if I cannot prove it to others. 

I'm writing now. NOW. And sufficient for today are the writings of today, tomorrow will have writings of its own.