Saturday, January 29, 2011

Detox Day Fourteen

detoxification |dēˌtäksəfiˈkā sh ən|nounthe process of removing toxic substances or qualities.
Today, there's no good, bad or ugly. There's no good, gooder, and goodest. I made it to day fourteen, and really it can't get any better. It is truly all good.

Today was a busy day—memorial service, hospital visit, and traffic—but I have managed to eat well. I started my day with a banana and oatmeal from McDonald's, which was surprisingly delicious and loaded with fruit. After the memorial, I ate with the bereaved family and our church family. I hated to waste food, but I left the "detox busters" on the plate. I even managed not to have one of Ms. Virginia's brownies (Ms. Virginia is the head of our culinary staff at the church...she burns in the kitchen.) Admittedly, with the busyness of the day, I did not eat for a long time after that first meal, but I was fine. I ate something to tide me over when I got home, and now I'm doing my thing in the kitchen. Spinach, tomatoes, onion, garlic...oh, my! (And oh yeah. a rack of bbq spareribs for hubby!)

So, like I said, it is all good. At the end of this fourteen day detox, I can honestly say that I feel so much better from the inside out. I have increased energy. My skin in much clearer. My belly bloat, surely a result of regular visits to Dunkin Donuts for bagels, is gone. I am 5lbs lighter than I was just two weeks ago. I am able to endure through my workouts, including two fun and intense Zumba classes. The sludge that was slowing me down is gone and I am keenly aware of it. (As much as I love, love, love cheese and a good does not love me, and it certainly not good to me.)

Now that the sludge is gone; Now that my consciousness is peaked; Now that I have finally decided to lose weight as part of a life of faithful stewardship; Now that I recognize obesity as a spiritual stronghold that I can only conquer through a life of prayer and fasting (in addition to diet and exercise); NOW, I am ready to embark on Praying Away the Pounds...

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  1. congradulations on your fourteen day detox, i knew you would and could do it. now as i just got off the treadmill, i will be working on me, you have given me the motivation to continue on my journey with my weight loss, i have not set a goal for myself yet, but i am going to strive for at least 20lbs by may, i said strive for. keep up the good work Rev.