Monday, February 8, 2010

I Don't Feel No Ways Tired...

There is a hymn that I love, by Rev. James Cleveland, called "I Don't Feel No Ways Tired." Well, when I was in the middle of my run today—six-5 minute runs with 1 minute rest in between each—this song echoed in my heart. I mean, I'm not an athletic girl and 18 days ago when I set out on this "3 Weeks to a 20 minute running habit" program designed by Christina Luff on, I was huffing and puffing my way through 1 minute runs. Today, I ran with ease. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't sprinting...I'm no Jackie Joyner Kearsee, but I also wasn't out of breath or watching the clock. In fact, today, running was like breathing—second nature. I'm so glad to be able to sing, "I don't feel no ways tired. Come to far from where I've started from. Nobody told me the road would be easy, but I don't believe He's brought me this far to leave me." Selah.

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