Friday, February 25, 2011

iPad App of the Week

Anyone who has been to my momma's house knows that she burns in the kitchen. She does her thang. She puts her foot in the pots...and she can do it all from Apricot Glazed Salmon with Orzo to Oh, So Tender they Melt in Your Mouth Collards and the Absolute Best Fried Chicken on this side of Heaven. My sister will tell you that she fries chicken better than my mother. However, I am not one for telling lies. I know my limits. I know my gifts. I can burn in the classroom. I do my thing with words. I put my foot in scholarly writing...and I can do it all from Renaissance and Harlem Renaissance Art to Homiletics and Hermeneutics. I'm no slouch in the kitchen. My food is good, but it ain't my momma's. The dishes I make, I make well, but before getting married, my repertoire was limited. But all that has changed...

All that said, I have selected All Recipes as the iPad App of the Week.

With this app, I have expanded my repertoire of dishes, cooked things I'd never tried before (ehem, can you say Cornish Hens), discovered flavors that I love (instead of roasting my Brussels sprouts, now I cook them with crushed garlic, olive oil, and bacon...which makes EVERYTHING taste better) and even found something to do with the three million kiwis I purchased from Costo that I never got around to eating (smoothie, anyone?). Need to make an appetizer? Use this app. Want to make a dish, but you have someone coming over who is allergic to a certain food? Use this app. Want to make a mean Virgin Pina Colada that will keep hubby happy? Oh wait, that one is just for me...

All Recipes is a free app, but if you upgrade (for a small, one time fee) you'll be able to use the cooking timer (bonus round), save recipes in a recipe box (for dishes you love and want to cook again), and with one touch, you can make an instant shopping list from a recipe you plan to make. I love the fact that the recipes are rated and have reviews. The reviews help to work out some of the kinks in the recipes (like the chicken noodle soup that called for way too much Rosemary).

All Recipes is my personal favorite of all of the cooking apps I have tried: Weight Watchers is limited and the fullness of the app is only available to WW members; Epicurious is great for date night in or my audition for Top Chef New Jersey, but not for daily meals; Big Oven is good, but I prefer the interface of All Recipes. The one drawback to All Recipes is that you cannot share recipes via Facebook or Twitter. Honestly, those Brussels Sprouts were so good I wanted to tell the whole wide world!

My new favorite thing to do it have the All Recipes and iTunes going at the same time. I may not put my foot in the pots, but with the help of All Recipes and some good soul music, you can taste the love and care in my food...

Don't have an iPad? You must get one...but until you do, you can enjoy the recipes on All Recipes by logging onto www.all from your laptop or desktop computer.

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  1. Well Rev chef I know you can't burn like me but you do enough to hold your own,if you keep at it you will be able to cook the the way you speak and write,brilliantly.