Monday, February 21, 2011

(Belated) iPad App of the Week

As you know from my previous (and next) post, I traveled to New Orleans for the wedding and baby shower of a dear friend of mine. You also know that I was scheduled to preach two services on Sunday. What you don't know is that I did not bring my laptop with me on my trip.

That said, the iPad App of the week is Pages.

For those of you who are Apple illiterate, Pages is Apple's word processing program, which rivals Microsoft Word. Personally, I prefer Pages to Word and have been using it for almost four years now. To flip the words of the show tunes writer, "Anything Word can do, Pages can do better..."

I used the Pages app to write my ENTIRE sermon. I also used it to edit, complete, and email the first edition of the Praying Away the Pounds Journal for distribution on Sunday morning. It was a blessing to be able to work while on the road without having to lug my laptop. It is a standard word processing program, so you can change fonts, font size, color, indentations, make a bulleted list, add photos, etc., etc. Plus, Pages gives you the option of opening .Doc and .Docx documents and converting documents to .Docx and .PDF, making it possible to work across platforms.

For these reasons, and so many more, Pages is the iPad app for last week!

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