Wednesday, February 2, 2011

iPad App of the Week (new feature!!!)

I am an Apple's not hard to tell. I blame/thank Fred Bartels at the Rye Country Day School. In his computer class I made a music video for De La Souls, "Me, myself, & I" during the summer before my 8th grade year on a Macintosh II computer and I've been hooked ever since.

As such, and because I keep discovering new things on my iPad daily,I am introducing a new feature on the blog. In addition to "Thing on These Things" and "Making the Sermon" I will feature an iPad App of the Week.

So here goes...

The app for this week was recommended by my girlfriend, and fellow iPad lover, Kimberly. She mentioned that she had started a running program using the Couch25K app. As a runner who has lost her wind, I thought this app would be perfect, so I downloaded it today and gave it a test run...pun intended (I'm corny).

I love everything about the Couch25K app! It is a ten week program to move you from sitting in front of the television to running a 5k race. It let's you make a playlist for your run from the music on your iPad so you don't have to toggle between apps. I was so amped when Rock Steady came on! It has a large display with the time remaining on the interval you are working on. Another way to say that is, I could take off my glasses and still se that I had 15 seconds left in my run. Michael, my audio trainer, politely interrupted my music to tell me when to run, when to walk, and when to cool down. Like Nike+ it allows you to log your mood, running terrain and other notes about your run. I am the queen of free apps, but the $2.99 I paid for this app was well worth it!

If you want to get off the couch and start running, then this app is for you!!!

By the way, for those of you who miss "Making the Sermon," a new installment will be coming in the next few weeks...

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