Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hulkamania Workout Christmas Remix

Allow me to set the scene. It was Christmas morning of 1984....
Under the elaborately decorated tree I found a Get in Shape Girl Fitness Set (see below). I was so excited! I wish I could find the picture, but trust me when I say that I didn't waste any time putting it to use. I quickly changed into my workout clothes. (In the picture it looked like a leotard, but really it was my white undershirt, white panties, and one of my sister's net shirts over the top.) I opened the kit and placed the pretty pink and purple headband on my head followed by the weight bands around my ankles and wrists. I then proceeded to jump rope. I was in Heaven and, at the same time, I provided much fodder for my sister and her friends to laugh--guffaw is really the right word. (They still laugh at me to this day about it.) That get up became known as my Hulkamania Workout Suit.

Fast Forward 25 years...
This time I knew what was under the tree, but nonetheless, as I opened the gifts--Wii fit Plus, Nike+ Sportsband, and some funky fresh Air Pegasus (compatible with Nike+), I couldn't help but see that little (ok, chunky) girl in her Hulkamania Workout Suit in my mind. I laughed and thought to myself, "This is the REMIX!"

To add to the humor, after plugging in the Wii, I went in my room and put on green headband, green sports bra and my blue/green pajama pants ready to box and play tennis. The guffaw from 25 years past resurfaced, but this time it intensified by the minute. My mother, sister, and niece (who wasn't born at the time of the original Hulkamania incident) fell out and screamed and then laughed until tears rolled and no sound came out. But friends, I'll be the one laughing (and smiling and beaming and leaping) when I reach my fitness goals!

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