Monday, April 11, 2011

iPad App of the Week

This week's app of the week isn't an app, but rather is an invitation to unplug from time to time and live life disconnected from technology, reconnected with God, family, friends, and self. This post was inspired by my friend in my head and one of my conversation partners in the blogosphere Rev. James Ellis III.

In his latest blog posting about social media, Ellis writes, "We are becoming too technological for our own good. Not that the technology is bad, per se. It is simply a tool that can serve us well if we make good choices. Just like students who can't solve math problems without a calculator or adults who can't function without spell-check, we need to get back to the basics. We must learn to value real people and real relationships more than the technology that gives us access to everyone and everything at all times."

His posting made me think about a commercial on the USA Network that aired last year that caught my attention. The commercial lifted up the dinner table—with real, live people passing the peas—as the ultimate and most effective social networking site. How often are our eyes fixed on a screen—television, laptop, iPad, Blackberry—and not into the eyes of those we love?

I experienced the joy of connectivity this weekend in ways I hadn't in a while: at the park jogging with hubby as he encouraged me to keep pressing on; at breakfast with my folks after early morning worship on Sunday, and through the laying on of hands by my sisters in the ministry when I wasn't feeling well during morning worship. I took this connectivity to the next level when on my outing to the park today to sermonate and people watch. Instead of toting my iPad, I carried a paper-bound Bible, a good old-fashioned notebook and an ink pen. Can you imagine? Between journaling and working on my sermon for Good Friday, my hand couldn't get enough of connecting pen to paper. In all honesty, I did update my Facebook status via Blackberry when I saw signs of Spring before my very eyes (see next blog posting). In hindsight, I wish I had lived the status updates to the fullest—breathing in every ounce of them—instead of taking/wasting time to let my 428 "Friends" know what I was experiencing.

As much as I like my iPad and enjoy the productivity it has afforded me, I am more stimulated by conversations (and kisses) with my hubby, hugs from my mother, smiles from my father, and laughter with my girlfriends. This doesn't mean that this feature is dead; Far from it. Nor does it mean I've exhausted my apps; Far from it. However, it does mean that I am keenly aware that the best application of life is to live it, in relationship with God, self, and each other.

All that said, the iPad App of the Week is a life well lived in relationship. It doesn't cost anything and is well worth the time and energy invested!

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