Wednesday, May 6, 2009


More than ever, I realize just how important the percolation phase is in sermon preparation (and paper writing). I have a sermon brewing in me, that is being informed by other life experiences. I know that driving through the streets of Brooklyn yesterday was important. I know that viewing my niece's artwork, and that of her classmates at Pratt, was important. I know that me being sick with a cold that came out of nowhere is important. Perhaps not all for this particular Word that is doing its thing inside of me, but for another sermon, at another time. Percolation is not easy. It can be frustrating. It can feel like procrastination. It can even feel like the Holy Spirit isn't on speaking terms with you. But friends, if my last preaching moment was any indication, God works best in the percolation phase--when we allow the text to marinate, sit a while, and do its good an perfect work in our lives. 

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