Monday, May 4, 2009

It was a good day...

In 1993, Ice Cube released the song, "It was a good day." For Cube, a good day included waking up to quiet, a pork-free breakfast, gettin' with a girl he's been feeling for a while, no car jackers, no police, no murders, you get the point. For me, a good day leaves me feeling the same way as Cube, but the details are different. I guess good days are relative.

All that to say that yesterday was a good day. I got up and made my way to church. I pinched hit in Sunday School with the primary group and we had a great time learning about what it means to be children of God. Morning worship was awesome! The new music minister played all the songs that remind me of home. He also had the choir sing one of his original songs, "Be Still" which is based off Psalm 46:10. At one point my eyes were closed and it was as if angels were singing to me. I was physically sitting in Imani, but I was spiritually transported to the feet of my Lord. After church I had a meeting that could have gone sour, except I told my truth. The truth really does make you free. After the meeting I had an early dinner out with a beautiful family. These folks love God and each other. My food left something to be desired, but the company made up where the food lacked. I then had a one on one with a beautiful and mighty woman of God, over coffee, where we talked Bible, church, family, vocation, and clothing! This was followed by the final HoneyComb Hideout for the year with Ayanna Brown. The show was awesome! We talked about healing, both on air and off. I was blessed. Then I went home and went to sleep. The perfect day was capped off with much needed rest. 

While different than Ice Cube, I have to say, it was certainly a good day!

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