Monday, September 13, 2010

Beautiful Feet (Part I)...

(I thought about changing the name of my blog as I was thinking about writing this posting. Then I started to think about an entire blog makeover. I am still in a time of new beginnings, and since I have a new name, a new look would be fitting. We'll see. Stay tuned)

Speaking of new looks, I have been trying to get my big girl on in my shoe game. Because my mother wasn't a frou-frou, girly-girl heel wearer when I was growing up, I was never that girl who wore heels. OK, maybe not never. I tried for about 2.5 hours, but after the pain and the realization that I didn't know how to walk in the things hit me, I stopped trying. I was older and wiser when I went to Howard, so I didn't worry about fitting in with the girls on the yard as they strutted across campus in their 3 inch heels. But I must admit, as I spend more and more time in the church, I am always amazed by the sistahs who have on a bad pair of heels while getting their praise on! And don't let it be a preaching woman delivering a mighty word while standing tall in her shoes!

But the truth is I have special feet. I have my grandma Beaulah's feet. I have strong feet that hold me up. They are long and wide. And they usually have a hard time finding shoes that they like that like them back. They go for comfort over style because comfort is all they can find. But, this is a new day...

On Wednesday I went into Lane Bryant to buy a gift card. On my way to the register I saw them. They beckoned me, not interested in the fact that I had a task at hand and was on a schedule. They were not alone; there were many. All beautiful. All calling my name. So not to be rude, I answered. There were shoes and booties and boots with calf shafts wide enough to fit my legs. I played with them for a while, but decided I would leave them in the store. That was Wednesday.

On Saturday I still heard them calling. Plus, I needed a pair of shoes for worship on Sunday (long story, not important). So I made my way to to store, picked them up, and left with new shoes, who would become new friends.

Why do I call them friends? I put them on just before 7:00 a.m. yesterday morning and I did not take them off until after 8:00 p.m. last night. They were with me, on my feet, for not one, not two, but three services. I led worship in them. I praised in them. I walked in them. And they felt good. And they were FIERCE! Praise be to God!

At first I felt silly blogging about my shoes, especially after an awesome day of worship. However, this is part of who I am. Plus, I am convinced that my comfortable feet made it possible for my heart, mind, and spirit to be open for worship. There is not greater distraction in the world than to have your feet hurting!

So with that, I will end this post. But look out for part two (and three). As I wrote this I was reminded of papers I wrote for my Sacred Feet class in 2008.

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