Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sweet Tooth...

So, today I've had a sweet tooth...ALL DAY! Early this morning, one of my roommates politely offered me a Ferrero Rocher Candy. You know, the heavenly mix of chocolate and hazelnut, creamy and crisp, yeah that Ferrero Rocher. Well, at 8:30am, I said no, but the three candies that sat on the dining room table taunted me all day. As I read through pages upon pages of material about domestic violence, coercive control, militarized border rape, and feminicide the candies teased me. I kept looking over hoping they'd be gone, but since I was the only one in the house and I didn't eat them, well, they were still there.

Instead of lunch, I had 400 calories worth of cookies--some all natural treats I got from Whole Foods yesterday. Needless to say, they somewhat satisfied my sweet tooth, but left me hungry. (Four hundred calories of cookies is no way to get full.) But, since I'm watching my girlish figure, I waited until dinner time to eat again. My homemade chicken noodle soup hit the spot. Shortly after dinner I headed out to the radio station for my first HoneyComb Hideout of the 2010 season. Well, when I returned, the Rochers were still there and my sweet tooth had returned with a vengeance. I hear you asking, "What did you do?" I wish I could say I fled from the temptation. Actually, no I don't. I got a napkin, loaded it up with some cookies (chocolate chip and peanut butter creme) and savored every bite. You know what, I'm satisfied. And I'm ready to run extra hard tomorrow.

All this is to say that as much as watching my girlish figure is important to me, I know that being happy and enjoying food is also important to me. So, every once in a while, I will let my sweet tooth have its way and I will enjoy every minute of it (and every minute of running it off). There's that balance thing again...

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