Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Just Can't Find the Words...

In case you think I've neglected talking about the devastating effects of the earthquake in Haiti, in some ways I have. I have been hoping and praying for Haiti, with Haiti, but right now, I don't have the words to write. So I will leave you with an image (A woman prays to a statue of Jesus outside the cathedral on Sunday morning) and the Communities of Shalom Litany (Written for the first Shalom Training Program, Los Angeles, CA 1992). It is my prayer that God's Shalom will be on the loose in Haiti, both now and forever, Amen.

Leader: A Shalom Zone is a Mission Field.

ALL: It is the visible witness of the Gospel in the midst of a broken humanity.

L: A Shalom Zone involves transformation

A: It is the movement from charity to economic justice.

L: A Shalom Zone is rooted in Self-Determination.

A: It assures community participation in all decision making.

L: A Shalom Zone releases Local Resources.

A: It builds self-sustaining economic development.

L: A Shalom Zone generates New Models Development.

A: It tests programs which can be replicated in other communities.

L: A Shalom Zone is catalyzed by Local Congregations.

A: It is supported by the church with resources, volunteers, appointments, gifts, and prayers.

ALL: Out of the first of destruction, the ashes of despair, and the chaos of these times will rise new communities of faith and hope, new communities of courage and daring, resurrected communities of God’s Shalom!

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