Thursday, June 26, 2014

Portals Into God's Presence: Walking in the Light of Jesus' Love

What a week it has been. I didn't post last week because I was dealing with some (more) pregnancy related illnesses. While I'm still dealing, I have been so inspired by my Big Girl that I couldn't let another week go by without writing something. When I did her Spring shopping, I purchased a pair of Disney Princess sandals that light up when you walk. I wasn't sure what her response to them was going to be; I hadn't really thought about it. The sandals were cute and reasonably priced so I bought them. Anyway, the first day she wore them she was so excited. After getting dressed, I told her to go show daddy her shoes. Instead of walking into the room, she skipped and jumped with such joy that hubby had no other choice but to notice the light-up shoes. And for the rest of the day she skipped and jumped. In fact, it was a Sunday, so she debuted her shoes at church. She was so enthralled by the light that she insisted that hubby tap her foot during worship so the lights would keep flickering. 

With most toys and clothes, after a few encounters, she is totally over them. But not these light up shoes. Each and every time she wears them, she walks so the light shines. What's also really amazing is that she often requests to wear them. She want to constantly walk in the light.

Big Girl's excitement about her light-up shoes got me to thinking about what it means to be a Christian, walking in the light of Jesus' love. Do we hide our lights under bushes, or do we skip and hop with joy so that others will see the light of Christ shining in our lives? Do we express our faith at particular times, or do we yearn to always walk in ways that witnesses to the glory and light of God? Seeing Big Girl has caused me to reevaluate the light I exude, and is the impetus for choosing this week's hymn: Walking in the Light of Jesus' Love.

I admit, I don't know this hymn, written by Virgie C. DeWitty. I cannot sing it, nor would I recognize the tune if I heard it. But none of that mattered when I read the lyrics. Walking in the Light of Jesus' Love is a hymn about witnessing to the world, resting in God, and the beauty of an intimate relationship with God. Personally, the second verse spoke volumes to me as I enter into a period of sacred rest to prepare my body for the arrival of Baby Girl. 

My prayer for you, Beloved, is that you will walk in the light of Christ with the same joy that Big Girl walks around in her light-up shoes! 

Walking with Jesus in His love-light,
With Him as my daily guide, 
Satisfied fully I journey onward
In the footsteps of the crucified. (the crucified.)

I'm walking in the light of Jesus' love,
I'm walking in the light of Jesus' love.
I've peace and joy divine, for Jesus' love is mine,
I'm walking in the light of His love. (The light of His love.)
Walking, walking, walking in the light of Jesus' love.
I've peace and joy divine, for Jesus' love is mine;
Oh, I'm walking in the light of His love. (The light of His love.)

Beside still waters Jesus leads me,
And my strength he does restore,
He bids me lie forn in green pastures,
When I rest we journey on once more. (yes, on once more.)

I know His goodness and His mercy,
Shall my every step attend,
Upon the mountain or in the valley,
I'll keep walking with my dearest Friend. (my dearest Friend.)

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