Wednesday, June 4, 2014

National Running Day: The Top Ten Reasons I Run

Today is National Running Day! Even though I am 34 weeks pregnant and am not currently running, I am excited to celebrate National Running Day! This morning, in honor of National Running Day, I went for a 3 mile walk at Roosevelt Park. I made a pregnancy PR (personal record) and shaved 3 minutes off of each mile. I was determined and I must admit it felt really good!

I started my running journey in 2006. I was always the fat girl growing up, not confident in my body, who would get out of participating in gym by any means necessary. In elementary school, I dreaded the Presidential Physical Fitness test when it came around each year. In high school I managed the lacrosse team so that I would be exempt from my gym requirement. I was one of the most non-athletic people I knew. I wish I could say I began running for some noble reason, but honestly, I started running to lose weight (again) in preparation for a friend's wedding. I was her maid-of-honor and no way was I walking down the aisle in a size 14 dress (how vain, and funny considering my own wedding dress four years later was a size 14). I met my goals and strutted down the aisle in a size 8 dress. More than that, I developed a love for running that endures to this day. I am not the most graceful runner, nor the fastest runner, but each and every time I hit the pavement I feel more alive. 

So, in honor of National Running Day, I present the Top Ten Reasons I Run...
10. I keep my heart healthy, diabetes away, and cholesterol down.
9. I run... to prove to my body that it is capable of more and more and more...
8. I run... to belong to an awesome community of people with similar aspirations!
7. I run... because I really like chocolate and Doritos!
6. I run... to hear from God and encourage creativity!
5. I run... to get out my frustrations.
4. I run... to keep my depression at bay. 
3. I run... to preserve the sexy for myself and my husband! 
2. I run... to show my daughters that physical health is as important as spiritual, emotional, and intellectual health!
1. I run... as a thanksgiving to God for the movement and activity of my limbs!

Why do you run? If you are not yet a runner, I invite you find some motivator in your life that would get you out on the pavement, put one foot in front of the other, and get moving! Your mind, body, and soul will be blessed!

And, shout out to my parents! I am two days away from turning 38 years old. They called me to see what I want for my birthday. For the most part, I have everything I could ever want or need. So, in honor of National Running Day and to support an amazing organization that has motivated me to run, my folks are gifting me one of the new Black Girl's Run! singlets and a medal hooks. I only have two medals now, but since I plan to run the Trenton Half Marathon in November as part of the BGR! Team, I need a place to hang my running bling!

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