Wednesday, November 6, 2013

From Time to Time Top Ten: I Knew I was a Runner When...

Welcome to a new feature on From Time to Time, the Top Ten list. I am not a big fan of the David Letterman show, but I love, love, love his top ten lists. They are hilariously informative at times, and sometimes just hilarious. And to be honest, a Top Ten list is the perfect way to blog with the option of writing a lot or a little. So, for the first installment of the From Time to Time Top Ten and in honor of my first 10K run in two days (cue Eye of the Tiger), I present the "Top Ten Reasons I Knew I was a Runner…"

10. Each and every person who ran the ING New York Marathon, and most especially my friend Nikki G., are all my heroes. Now that I’ve logged a few miles, I admire folks who can run for 26.2 miles. I admire their endurance. I admire their discipline. I admire their courage. 

9. I now have three piles of clothes in my laundry bin: Darks, Whites and Running Gear. And while I may mix my darks and whites from time to time, I keep my running gear separate and I follow the care instructions to a tee.

8. I am serious of about my Black Girls Run! (BGR!). I reactivated my Facebook page mostly so I could connect with my New Jersey BGR! group. I use the official BGR! members page to RSVP for runs, but I find great encouragement from the posts in the North/Central Jersey BGR! Facebook group. I also find great joy in sharing my success with the group. (I’m sure I’ll be posting this entry to the group page.) I wear all pink and black running gear all the time. I purchased new pink lipgloss for Trenton, after all, BGR! is about preserving the sexy. And after I finish this post, I'm going to get a pink and black mani/pedi for the weekend. 

7. I read articles and watch You Tube videos about proper running form. Then I practice. I must tell you, it has made a huge difference. I used to heave and haw through a 5K and now I am running 3.1 miles with relative ease. I also now have the endurance to run 6+ miles.

6. I have the Nike+ customer support in my favorites list on my iPhone. I call them at least once a week. Especially when my runs don’t register on the leaderboard in my home screen. I call them so much I’m sure they have a picture of me posted in their call center.

5. In September I went to Road Runner Sports and got fit for running shoes. I now have a fancy insole that is customized for my stride, arch, etc. Its so fancy I’m sure it will do the laundry for me if I ask. At my fitting I learned that my perfect shoe is a neutral plus. Thankfully, I found a pair of pink and black Nikes that fit well and were on sale. And I’m so serious about my running shoes that I only wear them for running. They aren’t sneakers. They aren’t tennis shoes. They aren’t errand shoes. They are running shoes.

4. Instead of sleeping in on Saturday mornings (which I now have the option of doing, since Baby Girl is sleeping longer) I get up, get dressed, and hit the pavement with my local BGR! Group. This is from a woman who really, really, really loves her sleep. 

3. I bought running underwear. Yes, running underwear. Before becoming a runner, I didn’t even know running underwear existed. But now, I’m all about Dri-Fit. In fact, I wonder if anyone has though about a Dri-Fit clergy robe. That. Would. Be. Hot. 

2. I am super-duper excited and ready to run the 10K in the Trenton Half-Marathon and 10K. I’m so excited, my running gear is already packed. I'm so excited, my hubby is excited. Trenton, here I come...

1. Even before I hit the pavement on Saturday, I’m already thinking about running a Half-Marathon in the Spring. Nike Women’s Half Marathon here I come…

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