Monday, June 27, 2011

Anniversary Reflections...

It is hard to believe, but three-hundred and sixty eight days have passed since hubby and I made a covenant with God and each other in marriage. On Saturday we celebrated our one year anniversary. It has been salubrious and sublime.

It has also been fun and growing and—in the words of rapper Keith Murray—the most beautifulest thing in the world! It has also been challenging, in the best possible way. The rhythms of married life are quite different from that of single life. I've learned as much about myself as I have about my hubby in this year: We've laughed together, cried together (ok, I've cried and he has wiped my tears), danced together, made decisions together, and—most importantly—we've prayed together.

On Saturday evening we watched our wedding video. We relived our vows. I was reminded of the promises I made aloud before that great cloud of witnesses, and the ones I made to my love.

I thank God, everyday, for my hubby and for our union!

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  1. love you guys. and love that we can share our experiences and encourage with each other.