Friday, March 4, 2011

iPad App of the Week

( male readers may want to tune back in next week...this app is certainly NOT for you)

I know your curiosity is piqued... The iPad app of the week is PinkPad by Alt12 Apps. I'll spare you all of the juvenile and euphemistic language....this app allows women to track their monthly menstrual cycle.

I have been using PinkPad since early January. It saves me having to put little red dots on the calendar in our kitchen/bedroom/office. Little red dots on a calendar are one thing when you are single, but they're another story when your calendar is our calendar.

Besides, this app does more than track the days when Aunt Flow is in town. It allows you to track your flow frequency, intensity, moods, symptoms, etc. It also has a place to track weight and body temperature. And, when we are ready for little people in our world, it let's you know the days when you are fertile. Guess work, gone!

The interface is like a journal. In fact, you can choose from several different styles. We all know, I love a pretty journal; They had me at the design. But the design is just the start. On the home screen it has a reminder box which displays the estimated start date of your next cycle, days until your next cycle, and peak fertility dates. The calendar screen has, on the left, a monthly calendar with icons that correspond to your entries. It also has a monthly list so you can go back and see trends in your cycle. The adjacent page is a daily log to record the following: flow, spotting, intimate, mood, symptoms, fertility, weight, basal body temperature, and notes.

Besides the functionality, this app is kind of fun. I cannot help but laugh when I go to enter my exhaustion and/or moodiness and I see the emoticons. How can you continue to be frustrated when you see an emoticon with piercing eyes and a furrowed brow. Really?

The only drawback to the app is the forum section. It has the potential to be a place for great discussion among mature women, except it seems to have been taken over by twelve-year old boys pretending to be sixteen-year old girls. No bueno! But since I have a great OBGYN and amazing women in my life to ask questions about sensitive subjects, I can make do without the forums.

So, if you want to stop marking your cycle on public calendars and you want an efficient way to monitor all of the details of your cycle, then this is the app for you...

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