Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Musings: Updates, Words, Newness and Threads

I never wanted to be the kind of blogger who only wrote once a year or once a month. But it seems a month and some change has gone by without a single update to my blog—at least not one that I've finished and posted. It seems I've taken the title from time to time quite literally. Perhaps I should cut myself some slack. I mean, I have cleverly (and sometimes cornily) updated my facebook status. I have tweeted more than the birds in my neighborhood. (well, pigeons don't really tweet, I think they coo, but that's besides the point.) My journal, the blue and green and white striped one that I cracked open on flight 1021 from Laguardia to Charlotte (the first leg of my tip to Nashville) has been baptized, blessed, and will be laid to rest real soon.

As I type this, this is reading as one of my I'm sorry I haven't written in so long kind of posts. Really, it is not that. It is my feeble attempt to get some words out. I'm not sure it matters which words come out. I'm not sure it matters which order they come in. That reminds me, I've been talking with my niece K. Nichole about words lately. The conversation started with the discussion about the necessity of having a dictionary present when listening to Cornel West. (who I affectionately call Corneezy unbeknownst to him.) Somewhere, somehow, it morphed into a conversation about the great words I've learned while at Drew Theological School. Words like hermeneutic, epistemology, deontological, and my personal favorite, pericope. They excite me. Crazy, I know, but I love words. I'm looking forward to new words.

More than new words, I am looking forward to new things. I can't say much more than that new. This school year holds within it the possibility, no the probability, for amazing and exciting life changes. I'm talking about more than a haircut and color (though I will do that). I'm talking about the kind of newness that breaks into ordinary time and changes the course of our lives. I believe Tennessee was part of my newness, but I believe that there is so much more if I would be still...

Which brings me back to where the summer began. I had some still moments in Tennessee, but clearly restlessness and keepyourselfdoingsomethingness is part of the fabric of my being. Thanks be to God, those threads are being unraveled and a new garment is being crafted. There is that newness again. I cannot seem to escape it.

That's it for now.

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