Monday, May 2, 2011

Big and Chunky...

I must admit, this song is from one of my absolute favorite scene in Madagascar 2. Really, how can you not smile when Moto Moto tells Gloria, "Girl, you junkin'!" I was just talking about Big and Chunky with a colleague in ministry as we did our weigh-in for the Pray Away the Pounds ministry at church. We chuckled, recited the lyrics and shared stores about our chunkiness. I like 'em big! I like 'em chunky!

So imagine my surprise when Big and Chunky came on during my ZUMBA class this morning. I know you are wondering how I responded. For one, I must have looked strange because I was holding back laughter which must have translated into a creepy smile on my face. But secondly, I must have looked strange because, though I had already been dancing hard, I started dancing harder. It was as if I was auditioning to be Moto Moto's principal dancer in the Big and Chunky music video.

No doubt, this song will be added to one of my workout playlists, mostly likely the one with The Commodores Brick House, Anthony Hamilton's Sister Big Bones, A Tribe Called Quest's Bonita Applebum, and Carl Carlton's She's a Bad Mamma Jamma!

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  1. Rev I just LOVE BIG and CHUNKY since you had me to watch the video last night< wish i could zumba with you but i don't think the body would hold up