Thursday, November 18, 2010


After reading my blog post, "Musings on Romans 8:28 and Ironing Shirts," my mother called me and suggested that I take the post down. She was nervous about my father reading it. (My parents are my "amen corner" and faithful readers of my blog.) I assured her that I did not purposely burn his shirts. It was in my carelessness I burned the shits. Thinking back, there were a host of things destroyed at 111 North 3rd as a result of my carelessness. Lord, have mercy.

Anyway, a day after my conversation with mom, my father asked me the question, "Is there a statute of limitations on burnt shirts?" He said it with such seriousness. But then a wide smile graced his face followed by a hearty laugh...Is that funny, or what?

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  1. i am very happy that you are writting again,great stuff, this part of the amen corner will always be in your corner,i really would like to see the movie