Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Can You Say Fierce?

Ok, so I'm not one to brag, but I have to say that I felt absolutely FABULOUS on my graduation day! I could not wait to peel out of my robe and show the world--ok, the folks in Madison--my beautiful, curvy, adult self. My soul was singing, I felt comfortable in my body, and it showed! Don't believe me...take a look! Can you say fierce?

Styling by Kimberly L. (we had a BLAST in the mall)
Hair: Joy Harris
Dress: White House, Black Market
Belt: Max Azria
Shoes: "Surrender" by Poetic License in Orange (too bad you can't see them on my feet)

image 1 shot by somebody in my caravan of love on Nikki G's camera (I only know this because she is in the shot)...
images 2 and 3 shot by Fabulosity Archivist Nikki G. (who really does need a blog so I can link to her words/work, hint, hint...)

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  1. Girlie you look RADIANT!!! Once again congrats on your masters!