Friday, April 9, 2010


My three week hiatus ran a tad longer...blame it on the warm weather, the myriad of things to do for school, or just me nurturing the relationships that are important to me. All in all, it has been a great time sermons have gotten better, my runs have gotten longer (I can run 3.5 miles, no stopping, no problemo), I've made some art (and am continuing to do so), and I've got some new stuff on the horizons--it is Resurrection season! For some reason, for many reasons, my heart is singing, "I get joy just thinking about what God's done for me..."

One of the many things that has happened is that I entered a sermon in the Good Preacher Seminarian Contest and have been chosen as one of the finalists (along with another Drew Senior Sarah Pomerantz). So, instead of writing more, I'm going to let the sermon speak for me today...

And after you've watched, visit and vote. The password is nashville.

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  1. “You are royalty”……Thank you for this video! I needed to hear this! Welcome Back!