Friday, March 5, 2010

Fatal Attraction

In the Fall of 1990 C. Alma and I joined under the name Fatal Attraction and ripped it at the RCDS Talent Show. We were caramel and mocha ladies, on stage, with high ponytails, cream-colored Gap hoodies, and acid washed jeans. (I wish I could put my hands on a photo from that night.)We danced to Father MC's "I'll Do 4 U" and we were tight!

Well, in honor of our twenty year friendship and just hours before I head to North Kak to visit her, I am posting the video to the song that helped to take our friendship to the next level!

PS. Peep Mary J. Blige singing the hook. How proud are we of her for her transformation? You can't tell me my God ain't real!

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