Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Top Ten

Ok, so my weekend officially begins on Thursday at 8:15pm (after my Religion and the Social Process class). To celebrate, I am going to leave you with the highlights of my week, top 10 style.

Here goes:
10. Laughing up a storm with one of my roommates. She is super relaxed. I am easily excited, especially by cute Gladware type containers. The result is a really humorous episode in the kitchen where she threatens me never to display that much excitement about moulded plastic. It was classic!

9. A Raise. One of my campus jobs is paying more than I anticipated! Yeah!

8. Packages in the mailroom. Okay, so maybe they weren't care packages. Okay, so maybe I had them sent myself, but there is nothing like a box with books from Amazon. Oh wait, sure there is...I almost forgot about the dress I got for dirt cheap on by way of

7. Dean's Task Force on Race. I joined this group last year. We met on Wednesday and had a telling and productive conversation. I am excited about the work that is happening around Seminary Hall.

6. Leftover spaghetti. I made a mean sauce on Saturday that fed me, my roommate and two neighbors until Tuesday! Talk about manna from heaven!

5. Anne Lamott's Traveling Mercies. Good book. Nah, great book! Lamott is raggedy, grace filled, and has a beautiful way with words!

4. Meeting a family of four deer on the path while walking home by myself. I'm not sure I'm going to walk the path alone anymore. While it was scary, it was also cool to see the doe's maternal instinct when her baby darted across the path in fear that I was coming at him. It was almost like watching a mother if her toddler ran in the street in front of a Mack truck.

3. Bellydancing! There was a free class on campus this week. It is going to cost $20 for the rest of the semester. When I did the math it come out to less that 2 bucks a class! To think, I once (okay twice) paid $75 for a bellydancing class (well, kind of. That included a $65 expired meter parking ticket, but still).

2. Front loading assignments. I had two presentations this week. Crazy? I think not-I got two big assignments out of the way while I have the energy to do it!

1. Prayer. Whether in chapel, walking the path, in Seminary Hall with new students, or laying in my bed, my conversations with God this week have been off the hook!

So, how was your week? I don't need a top 10, but I will take a top 1 from 10 people!

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  1. Okay, the week's not over and TOMORROW our 24 year old comes HOME after living in Japan for almost 5 years!! He has been traveling around SE Asia since mid-July, and we last saw him 14 months ago!!! So tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. at JFK will make this week WONDERFUL!